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My Story

I'm a Swiss American artist.  I loved art all my life but never thought I could be an artist until my 13 year old son dared me to take a drawing class.  I took the challenge, but asked him to take the class with me.  He was the class pet, naturally talented and fun, and I learned that I could draw.  I never stopped doing art after that. Art helped me survive when my African-American son  was killed by a total stranger on a street of Harlem - he was 18. His father, a former Tuskegee pilot, never recovered and died a few years later. I kept working; I was a clinical psychologist, and art helped me find hope that life may still be worth living.  A few years ago, I closed my practice as a clinical psychologist to do art full time.

            In my figurative work I find that I return again and again to the face. Am I looking for the people I loved, some pieces of my heart? Most portraits are of strangers whom I photographed while walking in the streets of New York City. With the abstracts paintings I let loose my love for colors and movement.  Collages are playful and a form of improvisation.  

Photo of the artist. Chantal is a woman artist  and a clinical psychologist who survived personal tragedy to better embrace life, love and art.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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