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With abstracts I play. Am I visionary? Inventive? Is it even important when you play  with shapes, colors and texture? Their interplay is source of infinite variations, how far can you go, what do you privilege? Is beauty important and what is beauty? Is texture key? 
With figurative art, I am hopeless, hopelessly addicted to portraiture. I began with black and white collage-like portraits which led to a series of large portraits in red, then to a series of portraits in black until color intruded.True I have illustrious forebears, from Rembrandt to Picasso, from Warhol to Marlene Dumas. Hate them or love them, I am not done with portraits. 


If improvisation is key to jazz, for me it's key to collage. Riffing on shapes, colors, text, mixing them up and starting again and stopping, suddenly, because the right combination is just there, under your eyes.  Now this describes well the process with paper collages.  PVC collages are three dimensional and sculpture-like and the process is slower but not fundamentally different. 
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